Western Coventry Elementary PTA

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   Western Coventry Elementary         https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/zqljekJhOPHB6jgHdNKOAnE7eXmE5ZcMW1-XH4NzlEutIjBvHAlyo33DXXPsFYVV8VwYhQqfcxYC1RNke0BQQg07Rej27A60ETwcZtIH0dVhU8B4T7WsqjbQP1ZhkAua5Z9FG0i1bzkcnr4 needs you to join! 

WCE PTA currently supplements the enrichment and after school clubs at

WESTERN & host family friendly events throughout the year to encourage

the growth of our community. Our goal this year is to increase member

awareness and involvement while striving to stay true to our mission

to serve ALL CHILDREN.


** Discounted event rates for PTA members!!!!!**

  • At PTA meetings you can have your say.  You can raise concerns, suggest ideas and input into how funds are spent.

  • Whether you want to chair an event or simply help out on the day, you can utilize your existing skills & hobbies.

  • Most importantly, you will be in the know! You will find out what?s going on in school & get to know other parents.

  • Even if you can?t attend a single meeting or help out at a single event, you will STILL be in the know.  

Incoming Kindergarten families and NEW incoming families will get free membership.

Membership is $10 per household(household is 2 adults and children)

 We welcome all returning and new members!!!!!

 If you have any questions, please contact: Tiffany Morency [email protected]